Best places to stay in Porto Cervo, Sardinia

Planning a getaway to Porto Cervo, the jewel of Sardinia’s Costa Smeralda?

This glamorous destination is perfect for those who love the finer things in life, from stunning beaches to high-end shopping and dining.

Here’s a rundown of the best areas to stay in Porto Cervo, each offering its own unique vibe and attractions:

Where to stay in Porto Cervo
  1. Porto Cervo Marina: Ideal for yachting enthusiasts and those who love being close to the water. This area is bustling with activity, where luxury yachts dock and the elite mingle. The marina is surrounded by excellent restaurants, chic bars, and boutiques, making it perfect for those who enjoy a lively atmosphere and night-time entertainment.
  2. Porto Cervo Centre: The heart of the action, Porto Cervo Centre is where you’ll find the most exclusive boutiques, glamorous nightclubs, and some of the best restaurants on the island. Staying here puts you right in the middle of everything, with easy access to the Piazzetta and the stunning views of the Mediterranean. It’s ideal for travelers who want to soak up the luxurious lifestyle Porto Cervo is famous for.
  3. Cala di Volpe: A bit more secluded and serene, Cala di Volpe is known for its beautiful bay and the luxurious Cala di Volpe hotel. This area offers a quieter, more refined experience and is perfect for those looking to relax in an upscale setting. The beaches here are some of the best in Sardinia, with crystal clear waters and fine sand.
  4. Liscia di Vacca: Located just north of the main town, Liscia di Vacca is a great choice for those seeking a more laid-back atmosphere while still being close to Porto Cervo. This area has a beautiful coastline, charming villas, and is less crowded, making it ideal for families or couples looking for a peaceful retreat.
  5. Poltu Quatu: This picturesque village is just a short drive from Porto Cervo and offers a beautiful marina and a range of water sports activities. It’s a great alternative for those who want access to Porto Cervo’s amenities but prefer staying in a quieter, more secluded location.
  6. Romazzino: Another tranquil area, Romazzino is home to one of the most beautiful beaches in Costa Smeralda and luxurious accommodations. It’s perfect for beach lovers and those looking for a relaxing vacation in a sophisticated environment.

Each of these areas in Porto Cervo offers a unique blend of luxury, beauty, and Sardinian charm. Whether you’re after nightlife, peace and quiet, or pristine beaches, you’ll find a perfect spot to enjoy your Sardinian holiday in style! So pack your designer sunglasses and get ready for an unforgettable escape to one of Italy’s most exclusive resorts.

Best accommodations in Porto Cervo, Sardinia

Best hotels where to stay in Porto Cervo, Sardinia

Porto Cervo is a haven of luxury accommodations, each area offering a distinct experience that caters to different tastes and preferences. Here’s a list of top places to stay in each area of Porto Cervo:

Porto Cervo Marina

  • Yacht Club Costa Smeralda: A luxurious resort favored by yachting enthusiasts, offering exclusive access and superb views of the marina.
  • Colonna Luxury Beach Hotel: Located just a short drive from the marina, this hotel provides a serene escape with beautiful sea views, a swimming pool, and access to a private beach.
  • Grand Hotel in Porto Cervo: A charming hotel close to the marina, offering a private beach, tennis courts, and fine dining options.

Porto Cervo Centre

  • Cervo Hotel, Costa Smeralda Resort: Nestled right in the heart of Porto Cervo, this hotel gives you direct access to the Piazzetta and features upscale amenities including several swimming pools and a variety of dining options.
  • Hotel Pitrizza: A luxurious boutique hotel offering private villas and suites with stunning sea views, a private beach, and a unique seawater pool carved out of the rocks.
  • Hotel Cala di Volpe: Although technically in the Cala di Volpe area, this iconic hotel is a symbol of luxury in Costa Smeralda and is often associated with the center’s elite lifestyle.

Cala di Volpe

  • Hotel Cala di Volpe: This iconic hotel, as mentioned, known for its superb architecture and stunning waterfront location, offers top-notch amenities and service.
  • Green Park Hotel: A smaller, more intimate hotel in Cala di Volpe providing a tranquil environment with lovely garden and pool areas.

Liscia di Vacca

  • Hotel Balocco: Offering beautiful views of the bay, Hotel Balocco is known for its friendly service, elegant rooms, and proximity to the Porto Cervo Marina while still providing a quiet retreat.
  • Colonna Park Hotel: Enjoy the beauty of Mediterranean gardens and a relaxing atmosphere in this hotel, situated close to both Porto Cervo and the Liscia di Vacca coastline.

Poltu Quatu

  • Grand Hotel Poltu Quatu: This hotel offers stunning views of the natural fjord and the mountains, with architecture that blends perfectly with the surrounding nature. It also features several pools, a wellness center, and fine dining.
  • Hotel Le Palme: Situated within the Poltu Quatu resort, this is a great option for families, offering spacious accommodations and activities for children.


  • Hotel Romazzino: A Luxury Collection Hotel, this property is known for its pristine white architecture, luxurious amenities, and one of the best beaches in the area. It provides an exceptional level of service and elegance.
  • Villa del Golfo Lifestyle Resort: While slightly further away, this hotel offers spectacular views, beautiful villas, and excellent customer service, making it worth the short drive.

Each of these accommodations in Porto Cervo offers a unique experience, whether you’re looking for direct access to the sea, a central location, or a tranquil retreat. Porto Cervo is well-prepared to meet the highest expectations with its array of luxury hotels and resorts.

FAQs Best places where to stay in Porto Cervo, Sardinia

Here’s a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) for tourists visiting Porto Cervo, Sardinia:

What is the best time to visit Porto Cervo?

The best time to visit Porto Cervo is during the summer months, from June to August, when the weather is warm and sunny, perfect for beach activities and sailing. However, if you prefer a quieter visit with fewer crowds, consider the shoulder seasons of late spring (May) and early autumn (September).

How do I get to Porto Cervo?

The closest airport to Porto Cervo is Olbia Costa Smeralda Airport, about 30 km away. From the airport, you can rent a car, take a taxi, or arrange a private transfer to reach Porto Cervo. There is also limited bus service available.

What are the top attractions in Porto Cervo?

Top attractions include the glamorous Porto Cervo Marina, the Stella Maris Church, and the Piazzetta di Porto Cervo with its designer shops and cafes. Don’t miss exploring the beautiful beaches like Spiaggia del Principe and Capriccioli.

Where can I find the best dining in Porto Cervo?

Porto Cervo offers a range of dining options from luxury restaurants to charming local eateries. For upscale dining, try the restaurants at the luxury hotels like Cala di Volpe or the Grill at Hotel Pitrizza. For a more casual setting, head to the piazzetta for a variety of cafes and gelaterias.

What kind of nightlife can I expect in Porto Cervo?

Nightlife in Porto Cervo is vibrant and often centered around the luxury hotels and the marina, where you can find upscale bars and clubs. Billionaire Club and Sottovento Club are popular spots for dancing and entertainment, attracting a chic international crowd.

Are there water sports activities in Porto Cervo?

Yes, Porto Cervo is a hub for water sports, including sailing, windsurfing, water skiing, and scuba diving. The marina offers equipment rentals and lessons for all skill levels.

What shopping opportunities are available in Porto Cervo?

Porto Cervo is known for its luxury shopping with boutiques from high-end brands like Gucci, Prada, and Versace, primarily located in the Piazzetta and along Via la Marina. There are also several local shops where you can find Sardinian crafts and jewelry.

What are some day trips from Porto Cervo?

Consider visiting the archipelago of La Maddalena, accessible by boat tours that showcase beautiful beaches and crystal-clear waters. Other options include exploring the inland regions like San Pantaleo for its market and traditional Sardinian culture, or venturing to the Nuragic ruins scattered around the island.

What type of accommodations are available in Porto Cervo?

Porto Cervo offers a wide range of accommodations from luxury hotels and private villas to more modest hotels and apartment rentals. Most provide excellent amenities and are geared towards an upscale clientele.

What should I pack for a trip to Porto Cervo?

Pack light, breathable clothing for the summer, a good sunscreen, a hat, and comfortable shoes for walking. Also, include some smart-casual outfits for dining out and enjoying the nightlife. Don’t forget a swimsuit and perhaps snorkeling gear for beach day.

These FAQs will help you get the most out of your trip to Porto Cervo, hoping you can enjoy both the glamorous and the natural side of this stunning part of Sardinia.

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