Best Vernazza (Cinque Terre), Italy walking tour in 4k

Best walking tour in 4k, summer 2021, Vernazza, Cinque Terre, Liguria.

Vernazza, Italy walking tour in 4k

In this walking tour of Vernazza, you can enjoy a walk around the most important attractions of Vernazza: the beaches, the harbor, Santa Maria d’Antiochia Church, the city Hall, among others.

What to see and do in Vernazza

In Vernazza, you will find the typical Italian piazza where the locals would gather to “gossip” or spend time together. In local dialect, it is known as “u cantu de musse”, and is one of the more characteristic corners of town.

Church of Santa Margherita d’Antiochia

The octagonal tower of 40 meters and the entrance, located in the apse side rather than in the facade side makes this church stand out for its exceptional simplicity and beauty.

St. Marguerite is the patron saint, and legend tells of a treasure chest containing the bones of her hand beached on the shore of Vernazza, lost and then found again the people of Vernazza saw it as a sign to build the church on the same spot where the bones were found.

The Feast of Santa Margherita is the 20 of July where the town celebrates with a festival and fireworks.


The Doria castle contains one of the few of the original watch towers that protected Vernazza and its people during the reign of the Republic of Genoa.
by many. The feast of the Madonna di Reggio is celebrated on the first of August.

City Walls and Convent

The Convent of the Reformed Fathers of St. Francis, is now the government headquarters in Vernazza. Nestled within the city walls it is possible to view a tower (once one of the city watch towers), a cloister and a church which is no longer in use
There are two possible beaches in Vernazza. The first and easiest to get to is near the harbor, with a small sandy beach and another one (a bit larger) which can be reached from the main square of the city.

Best hotels where to stay in Vernazza

Best hotels where to stay in Vernazza

Vernazza offers small and charming apartments, cozy bed breakfast and beautiful hotels. You can find rooms with see-view and panoramic terrace, to enjoy the most amazing views at any time of the day. Consider that elevators are not that easy to find. If you arrive by boat or train, normally, only one piece of luggage is included by person. What I recommend to you is to leave the most heavy luggage in La Spezia train station (do not leave any valued object!).

A good practice is to read very well all comments about the hotel before booking. Many small details that can be important for you can be found in the comments like noise, numbers of stairs, general conditions, hosts treatment, and many other importants things that can improve your vacation time.

Here are some interesting and beautiful accommodations options where to stay in Vernazza.

  • Hotel Gianni Franzi 2 stars – the Hotel features rooms with private bathrooms just below Vernazza’s Doria Castle. Its terraces include stunning views of the Ligurian Sea and the village.
  • La Marinarooms Appartamento Piazza Marconi – The apartment features 1 separate bedroom and includes a kitchenette with a fridge and a dining area. near Vernazza Beach.
  • I 5 scogli Guesthouse – located on the beachfront in Vernazza, a few steps from Vernazza Beach.

Find more interesting hotels where to stay in Vernazza.

How to arrive to Vernazza

The best way to get to Vernazza is by taking the train ( from La Spezia or from Levanto. The one day train ticket cost 16 euros, it is the best option to move around the Cinque Terre towns. You can also buy the normal one-way ticket, it is cost around 4 euros. This option is better if you are not moving between the Cinque Terre town in one day.

From Vernazza you can head south to visit Corniglia or you can head north to visit Monterosso. it is quite simple and does not take too long from one town to the other.

During the summer I recomend you to take a ferry boat from La Spezia, to appreciate the beauty of Cinque Terre. The one-day ticket cost around 34 euros, and you can visit all Cinque Terre by boat, avoing the really crowdy trains.

I do not recommend you to arrive by car, since you have to leave the car in the high part of the town and walk down. During the summer there is, literally, no parking space available, so it is useless to move by car. The only Cinque Terre town with a “big” parking space is Monterosso al Mare, but it is never enough. So avoid by any means to travel by car to Cinque Terre.

Most interesting activities to do in Vernazza

If you visit Vernazza for one or more days, here you can find the most interesting tours and excursions to do in Vernazza, Cinque Terre.