What to do in Santa Teresa di Gallura, best beaches [Walk tour in 4k]

Set in the northernmost area of Sardinia, in a strip of land that extends towards Corsica and from which it is separated by the Strait of Bonifacio, Santa Teresa Gallura is one of the most varied and eclectic towns on the island of Sardinia.

Known in ancient times with the name of “Longosardo”, Santa Teresa Gallura encompasses various souls ranging from the historical to the naturalistic one, from the food and wine to the marine one, passing through a general sense of welcome that, in this area, reflects fully the Sardinian and island spirit.

You should also know that Santa Teresa Gallura was born only on August 12, 1808 thanks to the royal decree of Vittorio Emanuele I, which started the foundation of the village. Moreover, it was the King himself who drew the urban plan and gave it the name of Santa Teresa, in honor of his wife, Queen Maria Theresa of Habsburg-Este.

Here a list of the best things to do and see in Santa Teresa di Gallura:

Spanish Tower of Longosardo

Going through the characteristic center of S. Teresa you arrive at the Spanish tower of Longosardo. The largest tower built by the Spaniards in Sardinia dominates the natural harbor on one side and the Rena Bianca beach on the other. Climbing the external steps of the recently restored tower, the top is the ideal place to enjoy the 360 ° landscape over the Strait of Bonifacio and take the best panoramic photos up to the La Maddalena Archipelago, with your travel companions!.

The Churches of Santa Teresa

In the town of Santa Teresa Gallura there are two main churches within the town, just outside the town there are two other very characteristic small churches, the Church of Santa Reparata and the Church of Buoncammino. Each feature can be visited, it is worth taking a walk and taking a different photo than usual.

San Vittorio Church

The parish church, built from 1835 to 1838, is dedicated to San Vittorio martyr who with Santa Teresa d’Avila and Sant’Isidoro is the patron saint of Santa Teresa Gallura. Inside, the church houses a series of artistic elements of considerable value, also from a historical point of view such as the silver sacred gift of Maria Theresa of Austria (1811), the Living Crucified Christ, the portrait of the Assumption and an icon di San Matteo attributed to the Stroganoff school, both from the 18th century.

Saint Lucia Church

The small church dedicated to Saint Lucia is located in the district of the same name, overlooking the harbor fjord, in a very suggestive landscape. It has a rather simple shape, rectangular, with lateral buttresses, entirely plastered and painted white. Very rich, from an artistic point of view, is the furniture that includes a beautiful crucifix, with the Christ in olive wood and the juniper cross, the work of Giovanni Pedditzi. On the side walls there are the fourteen stations of the Via Lucis, with as many episodes from the life of Jesus, from the Resurrection to Pentecost, the work of the painter Cosimo Musio.

Rena Bianca Beach

Rena Bianca can be considered a little paradise. This strip of sand stands out at the “foot” of Punta Falcone, next to the Tower of Longosardo, a few steps from the center of Santa Teresa Gallura. One of the most beautiful beaches of northem Sardinia.

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