Best FERRARA (Emilia-Romagna) walking tour in 4k

Best FERRARA walking tour in 4k. Emilia-Romagna region in the north of Italy.

Situated on the banks of the Po, the city of Ferrara was declared a World Heritage in 1995. Elegant and stately, dominated by the Este family since the 13th century, Ferrara became one of the most brilliant and culturally lively cities of the Renaissance, with its own refined artistic school.

In this walking tour I will take you around the most important attractions to visit in Ferrara: the Estense Castle, the Cathedral, Piazza delle Erbe, via delle Volte, among others.

Ferrara walking tour in 4k

Video Timeline

00:00 Piazzetta del Castello
02:50 Entering Castello Estense
03:30 Largo Castello (inside the Castel)
05:40 Castle moat (as seeing from inside the Catel)
08:50 Piazza Savonarola
09:50 Corso Martiri della Libertà
10:50 Piazza della Cattedrale
11:00 St. George’s Cathedral
11:50 Volto del Cavallo (face of the horse)
12:30 Piazza del Municipio
13:10 Scalone d’Onore (staircase of honor)
15:50 Loggia dei Merciai
17:10 Cathedrals Museum
20:55 Via Giuseppe Mazzini
23:22 Via della Vittoria
27:50 Via Ragno
29:06 Via delle Volte (warehouses of medieval merchants)
33:25 Church of Saint James
39:20 Piazza Trento – Trieste

What to visit in Ferrara

? The Estense Castle is the symbol of the city, it rises imposingly in the historic center of Ferrara: it is one of the rare examples of a castle with a watered lake still visible today in Italy. Its construction began in 1385 and today it is brick-colored, with four large towers on either side. The visit begins by crossing the drawbridges and, once inside, you can visit the prisons and the large frescoed rooms, used for games and court enjoyment. (Ticket cost 12 €)

The Cathedral dedicated to San Giorgio is the most important religious site in Ferrara. It is located in Piazza delle Erbe (today Trento and Trieste) in front of the Town Hall and not far from the Estense Castle. The white marble façade with the beautiful porch (portico) immediately strikes the eye.

Via delle Volte, before the course of the Po was diverted, this beautiful medieval street had a commercial function. Here were the houses of the traders who traded with the rest of Italy across the river. The vaults, the arched passages still visible today, made it possible to quickly reach the warehouses on the river without having to travel all the way and without being attacked.

Piazza del Municipio, with the imposing Staircase of Honor that led to the first residence of the Este family. Next to the Staircase, the marble windows of the apartment where Lucrezia Borgia lived and Federico da Montefeltro, Duke of Urbino and famous leader, died.

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