Alberobello Italy – What to see and do in Alberobello

Alberobello is a beautiful town in Puglia, and it is one of the most peculiar tonws in Italy, with a great historical heritage, something that has been recognized by UNESCO, since the Alberobello trulli are part of the World Heritage Site.

In this article we are going to tell you about all the places to see in Alberobello, best attractions and recomendations to enjoy your trip to Alberobello.

What to see in Alberobello

Since 1996 the trulli and Alberobello are considered a World Heritage Site by Unesco.

In this article: what to see in Alberobello, Rione Monti, Aia Piccola, How are the Trulli inside, where to sleep in Alberobello, how to get to Alberobello, best towns to see close to Alberobello. Walking tour Alberobello in Summer time.

What to see in Alberobello

The historic center of Alberobello, where the trullis are found, it is essentially divided into two areas (rioni): the Rione Monti, the most touristic, lively and spectacular, and the Rione Aia Piccola, quieter but full of attraction. Both are separated by Largo Martellotta, Alberobello’s main street. Without a doubt, we recommend you kick both of them, in Rione Monti you can enjoy a meal or an aperitivo. In Aia Piccola you can walk practically alone since few tourist visit the area.

What to see in Alberobello:

1. Belvedere Santa Lucia: It is located just behind the Church of Santa Lucia, in the heart of the Rione Aia Piccola, and from there you will have a privileged view of the sea of ​​trulli that make up Alberobello. By night you can enjoy a beautiful view.

What to see in Rione Monti

Shops and Trulli in Alberobello – Rione Monti

The first thing you should know is that Alberobello has two parts. The first is called Rione Monti, where most of the souvenir shops, workshops, restaurants and businesses focused on tourists are concentrated. We recommend visiting this area first as Alberobello’s second area, Rione Aia Piccola, is the most picturesque in town.

In this part there is a whopping number of more than 1000 teals, almost nothing! The particular houses are distributed through 15 different streets, which we recommend you see one by one!

That said, we proceed to tell you the places to see in Alberobello, within the most touristy area.

Chiesa di Sant’Antonio
At the end of Rione Monti you will find the only trullo church, the Iglesia de San Antonio. It was built in 1972 and you definitely have to see it. It is a unique temple!

Siamesi Trulli

Going up the steps of Via Monte Nero street you will find a particular construction that stands out particularly from the others, it is known as “trulli siamese” (Siamese trulli in Spanish). It is a trullo joined by the same roof, which has remained intact after years. For this reason it is considered one of the most peculiar trulli, so it cannot be missing in the attractions to see in Alberobello.

Artisan shops and workshops
Other essentials in the town is to visit some of the souvenir shops, discover the artisan workshops and visit the most particular businesses. We recommend buying the souvenirs that you want to take home here, but bear in mind that some places take advantage of tourists a bit and offer somewhat exaggerated prices.

What to see in Aia Piccola

The second part to see in Alberobello is Rione Aia Piccola, the residential area and the most authentic. Within its streets you can see up to 400 trulli where about 1,300 people live. Even today it is a fascinating place that has managed to preserve all its authenticity despite being a very touristy town.

Get lost aimlessly through the streets of Alberobello
As in the other area of Alberobello, one of the things that you cannot miss when visiting this picturesque area is walking through its streets. One by one they will show you how the locals live, you will find squares along the way and groups of people, which will confirm that time has stopped in this corner of Puglia.

Open Trullo house in Aia Piccola

Don’t miss the “Trullo houses”, Trulli open to visit, you can leave a small donation to help the owners to keep them open. In one in particular you can see how 40 years ago a family of 15 lived. The kitchen, the bed-room, the small bathroom.

What are Trulli and How are the Trulli inside?

Inside a Trullo

What are trulli? History of this Italian icon
The trulli are small constructions with white walls and conical gray stone roofs, finished with a pinnacle. The most characteristic detail that makes them unique is that originally they were houses built without any type of mortar that joined the stones.

You have to travel back in time and reach 1400, when the territory of Italy was made up of different kingdoms. This area of ​​Apulia was under the Kingdom of Naples, which at this time imposed the “Prammatica De Baronibus”, a law that obliged landowners to pay a fee for each new construction they erected in their domain. The owners of these Puglia lands, the Counts of Conversano, had a brilliant idea.

When they began to populate the fiefdom of Noci, hitherto wild and uninhabited, they imposed on the new “settlers” (that is, the farming families who moved there to harvest the land) to build their new houses solely and exclusively in this way. Why? Easy: the trulli were “removable” constructions, and thanks to this temporary nature and how easy it was to dismantle them in case of inspections, they avoided paying taxes.

How are the Trulli inside?

Now days the Trulli are used mainly as a souvenirs shops, bars, restaurants, artisan shops, and hotel accomodations. Here you can see some pictures we took in our last trip to Alberobello (June 2021).

Bed room inside a Trulli
Inside a Trullo house
Inside a Trullo – oven
Inside an artisan shop
Inside a Trulli – shop

Where to sleep in Alberobello

Where to sleep in Alberobello

The best accomodation where to sleep in Alberobello is a Trullo!. There are many beautiful Trulli where to sleep. It is a magic experience, unforgetable. If you travel with kids, they are going to love it!.

Some of the best Trulli where to stay in Alberobello:

How to get to Alberobello

Best walking tour Alberobello

Here you can find our best Alberobello walking tour in 4k.

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