Best Alberobello Italy walking tour in 4k

Looking for the best Alberobello walking tour video in 4k? Here you can find our list of the best walking tour in 4k of Alberobello!.

Alberobello is an astonishing town in the south of Italy, with its particulars “Trulli” houses, seems a fairytale town. Really unexpected.

1.- ALBEROBELLO walking tour in 4k  with no tourist


Here you can find a really beautiful video in 4k Ultra HD, so you can watch it from your tv or pc.  In this video of Alberobello, you will enjoy the town in a “ghost” atmosphere, with no tourists, a few locals, a many shops close. It is the best video to admired the Trulli like they were centuries ago!.


2.- Alberobello, Italy, walking tour with tourists

In this video the Alberobello, Italy, you can enjoy Alberobello at its best, with a lot of tourists, many beautiful shops, you can see how the Trulli houses are inside and what they are used for nowadays. It is really one of the most complete walking tours in 4k of Alberobello. You can walk through Rione Monti e Aia Piccola the two most know Trulli zone of the city.